Webcounter User Request Form
Fill in and submit this form to have a new Counter User account created. Instructions on accessing the account and creating counters will be emailed to you at the address you specify, so be sure it is correct. AOL users should set their email preferences so that they can accept email from counters@boingdragon.com.

Privacy Statement: Information you enter here will not be sold, given away, or otherwise made available outside of the counter database. This information will be used solely for counter-related notices and user authentication.

Special Note: Counters will not work on Neopets marketplace shop listings! All other Neopets pages are fine, including actual shop pages.

Counters are limited to about 10,000 hits per day, so are not suitable for high-traffic sites.

Rebranding (offering to create counters for others using your own account) is prohibited, and usually inaccurate in any case. If you want to provide custom Overlay backgrounds, that's fine, but counter users need to get their own accounts and have sole control over them.

Do not post your counter HTML code for others to use.

Email Address:
Account Name:
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(optional) Username:


Email Address: Your email address is required to avoid the creation of bogus accounts and to send you the instructions for setting up and managing your counters, or to send you your password if you lose it.
Account Name: Your account name will be used for referencing all of your counters. It should be between 6 and 20 characters. Any non-standard characters, spaces and punctuation will be stripped out. This will be equivalent to your 'logon' for the counter system.
Timezone: This is used for logging purposes, so that activity reports and other statistics recorded by your counter are displayed back to you using the correct time offset. Due to variations in the observance of Daylight Savings Time, though, data may be off as much as one hour depending on the time of year and hemisphere.
Password: Your password will be used to verify any changes you make to your account. If you lose it, it can be emailed to you at the email address you have entered. It can be changed later in the account manager.
Username: Your username is optional. If you lose both your account name and password, your username and email address can be used to recover them.